Experience, professionalism and innovation.
Our work in three words.


LED S.r.l. was born in 2009 for the strong wish of its founder, Mr. Guido Canella. We have worked for a long time in the carpentry world with PMW S.r.l., the older sister of LED, and we have focused our attention into the electronics industry for passion and aptitude for over 30 years. After that, we decided to extend our horizons undertaking a new adventure that has become a solid business reality.


LED Srl realizes every kind of manufacture concerning printed circuits, SMD and SMT assembly with processing under contract (partial or complete production). We provide a ten years experience in projects implementation thanks to the expertise of our higly-skilled PCB designers and software developers. Furthermore, we offer electric and electronic wirings providing, if required, mechanical support through our carpentry.


Thanks to the most advanced instrumentation, we also offer: turnkey electronic cards realization, design and realization of electrical and electronic prototypes, mass production of electrical and electronic equipment, production of electrical panels, wiring, testing and calibration of TV and FM amplifiers and transmitters. All components are welded with Lead Free tin, which guarantees a low environmental impact.